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Sinister Trailer

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Seriously, whatever that SCARY thing was in the computer and elsewhere, I am definitely staying FAR away from this movie!!!!! Hahaha. I'm already scared to pieces. Will I be able to fall asleep tonight? Or will the thought of that creepy thing keep popping up in my mind? Eek!!!!

LMFAO!!! Sorry!! I really need to learn how to branch out with these movie trailers. How are you these days? BTW I'm looking at going to Sweden in July to see a few of the Women's Euro Cup matches...I'm wondering if is July usually a good time to visit?

Hehehe. It's alright. But that *thing* was CREEPY!!!!

Coming to Sweden next year? Sounds terrific! Yeah, well, July usually is a good month to visit, but this summer has been crap. Mostly rain. I sure hope next year will be MUCH better. :)

Oh, I've been doing quite alright. Thanks for asking. Just had a slight cold and sore throat, but that's over with now. It's been raining cats and dogs since last night. Still is. Ugh.

How have you been? Good, I hope. :):):):)

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