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Evil Dead Red Band TRAILER (2013)

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There you go, scaring me again! Hahaha.

How have you been? Good, I hope? :)

LOL!! I had to since it's Halloween soon! do you guys celebrate Halloween? and I've been good just work and school pretty boring haha! how are you?

True! Hehehe.

Well, Halloween has become bigger over here during the past 20 years or so. We never used to celebrate it, but now, we sort of do. I think the kids probably love this time of year more than the adults do. :)

Same here: just work and work. And would you believe we just had our first tiny bit of snowfall this morning?!?! Brr. I'm so cold right now. I'll bet you all over there in Canada already has gotten some snow, right? :)

Ya I heard! I was watching the Swiss vs Sweden soccer game and I saw snow...I'm in New York now no snow but my mom tells me there hasn't been any snow in Toronto...yet lol

You're in NY? Lucky you. Wish it was me. lol!

PS. Who's that in your userpic? :)

I don't know if you watch American Horror Story but it's Lizzie Brochere she's one of the actresses

It's gonna come off as random and I do realize this entry is from 2012 but I love that you love horror movies :3

hahaha its okay! thanks I'm a little obsessed

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